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Ancient Spirit Stone Ceremonies
with Chief Dancing Thunder
19 - 21 May (starts Friday morning 9.30am)

O-Hey-O Friends,

Our next gathering will be the teachings of the Ancient Spirit Stones or Wo-Tie Stone Ritual Ceremonies.

These ancient rituals will include the ‘Dream Stone Teachings’ as well as the ‘Spirit Calling Stone Rituals’.  Included in this will be the teachings of the ancient ‘Stone Reading Ceremonies’ which will teach you how to unlock knowledge and communicate with all stones - especially with the standing stone circles.

We will be using whole mountains for these ceremonies, so this gathering will include a one-day field trip to the West Coast which has already been scouted out by Donald McIver and myself.  This will take place in a flat valley that should be a relatively easy walk for all age groups.

Scotland is the land of ancient stone and stone circles, and these teachings will bring you to the very roots of your spiritual heritage and help you access the knowledge these ancient stones hold.

During our gathering we will have two teaching days inside and one day outside (weather permitting), so be sure to bring your outdoor gear! Just to be clear these teachings will be without the use of the sweat lodge.

I look forward to seeing new and familiar faces as these teachings are open to everyone - even if you have not participated in previous sweat lodges.

Dancing Thunder comes from a long line of shamans and healers and is the Grand Sachem of the Susquehannock in Florida.

Cost: £275.00

Maximum participants: 28

Price Information:

£275 (fully residential) £235 (camping)