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Silent Retreat
with Will Brennan
20 - 25 June (starts Tuesday evening 6pm)

A Silent Retreat with Will is a precious time to explore one’s essential nature and to discover what it truly means 'to be' without constricting labels, ideas and identities.

During the retreat Will offers simple guided meditations to help us clarify what we essentially are as human beings and what our inner calling may be.

Coupled with these effective meditations Will also teaches the art of Self-Inquiry, "Who or What am I?" This questioning, when applied correctly, can really orientate one to our shared source. This shared source is sometimes called 'Pure Being', 'The Divine', 'Spirit' or 'Godhead'.

Will puts great emphasis in pointing out that what we seek is not to be found elsewhere but quite simply already is in our own heart, and that this can be realized by surrendering our limited identity to the present moment.  Indeed much of Will's teaching is an offering on how to 'Rest out of Control'. How to let go of all that keeps us rooted to a limited or painful identity. In his Silent Retreats there is an honouring of Silence, in that we hold social silence throughout the retreat. We do not talk during meals or outside of sessions and we lay down our devices of communication for the duration of the retreat. This really allows for an inner deepening and appreciation of our formless aspect.

Will Brennan is a contemporary spiritual guide who has had a series of profound awakenings that led to the realization of our inseparable nature as 'dynamic stillness'.

Cost: £375.00

Maximum participants: 15