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DharmaMind Scottish Retreat
10 - 12 March (starts Friday evening 6pm)

The DharmaMind Buddhist group invites all dharma practitioners to our Scottish retreat at Anam Cara.

The core practice of the group seeks to cultivate the Dharma Mind through the ancient immanent training model which originated in China and is now practiced through a Western form found in Buddhism called 'Silent Illumination'.

The Dharma Mind way of practice is the path that embraces all of life without discrimination, cultivating a spirit of inclusiveness.

The practice does not embrace lists and formulas, but instead opens up the path of learning in a whole and complete way to ourselves in everyday life as well as in our formal meditation practice.

We aspire to discover emotional and mental freedom through cultivating ever-developing spaciousness, stillness and insight.

The workshop is characterised by a schedule of formal sitting (40 minutes) and walking meditation throughout the day with a short period of teaching. 

 Buddha Image from Shrine Room

Maximum participants: 14

Price Information:

All booking should be completed through the DharmaMind website.