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Time for Trees
1 - 8 June (starts Thursday evening 6pm)

This ever-popular retreat focuses of the propagation of native tree seedlings from locally selected birch, rowan, alder and scots pine seed. We commonly grow around 30,000 trees each year which makes up a small but well tended contribution to Highland reforestation.

The work is light, simple and good communal fun and presents a gentle opportunity to connect with our native species at the dawning of their lives.

Time for Trees extends over a two week period with the opportunity of joining for one or both weeks.

During our time together, we work a six hour day which includes daily awareness practice in the form of a silent period of mindfulness and intermittent periods of ping-pong! Participants also have the option of attending an early morning meditation practice. We schedule a day off in the week for just chilling out, with the option of a days guided walking in the local hills.

Participants are free to use the centre's facilities for yoga or related disciplines, an evening's relaxation in the sauna bath or impromptu entertainment by the fireside.

Meals will be prepared communally as part of the retreat.

Cost: £50.00

Maximum participants: 15