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Spring into Action
28 April - 5 May (starts Friday evening 6pm)

We warmly invite you to join us for our first Working Retreat of the year. Spring preparation in the garden gets us out and connected to the unfurling of new green life as the flush of a new season brings a host of land based activities into focus..

In the tree nursery, the early germinating hazels will be sown out, and over wintered seedlings made ready for the next step in their journey.

Additional work will likely include building maintenance, landscaping and tending the murmurings of new projects still in their infancy, all adding up to a wholesome fun-filled week of community living and working together, with activities to suit all levels of skill and energy.

After the graft, enjoy hearty food and the craic by a fire with space to share stories and song, or unwind by spending time in the new sauna bath. This working retreat all adds up to a fun time, celebrating joy in work and pleasure in play.

During our time together, we work a six hour day which includes daily awareness practice in the form of a silent period of mindfulness and intermittent periods of ping-pong! Participants also have the option of attending an early morning meditation practice. We schedule a day off in the week for just chilling out, with the option of a days guided walking in the local hills.

Participants are free to use the centre's facilities for yoga or related disciplines, an evening's relaxation in the sauna bath or impromptu entertainment by the fireside.

Meals will be prepared communally as part of the retreat.

Cost: £50.00

Maximum participants: 15