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Woodland Croft

Woodland Croft

Anam Cara Woodland Croft
Update - November 2017

Overlooking the north sea this beautiful piece of land hosts a wide range of habitat with mature Scots pine forest, open heather hill and wetland, which supports a population of roe deer, fox, pine martin, adders and wood ants to name but a few.

Our plans to develop the site are now underway but proceeding at a rather slow pace.  We are currently involved in building a road through the centre of the site, which will hopefully be completed by next season.

We have in the interim commissioned a very interesting ecological survey of the croft, which indicated flora and fauna typical of Northeast Scotland but interesting for its diversity in what is a relatively small land area. For those who are interested, you can view the vegetation survey report here:

Backies Vegetation Survey Report 2017

The coming season will focus on developing the infrastructure, which will include the construction of log buildings with material cut from our forest.  Although we are not sure when the construction will happen, we are keen to establish a list of people who might be interested in learning the noble art of log building. If you are interested please submit your contact details so we can keep you posted on developments and possible volunteering opportunities.